Monday, August 26, 2013

Library + Pinterest = Success? Yes!

Welcome to all of our returning students and to the class of 2017. There are many resources at Tarleton State University to help you while you are a student here.

One of them, naturally, is the library.

One resource for student success that you might not expect us to have is our Pinterest board called "College Success." (Yes, we're on Pinterest!).  It features books and other resources on how to rock your first year of college.

A screenshot of our "College Success" Pinterest Board.

Most of the books on this board will be on our upper floor, or the "general stacks."
Each book has a Library of Congress call number (which is actually a combination of letters and numbers) that tell you what area the book is shelved in.

For example, the book below has the call number LB2343.3 .C62 2009.

A screenshot of our pin of "The Naked Roommate" on Pinterest.

 This means you will look for the L section on our floor plan.

Floor plan created by Tracy Holtman.
 When you find the Ls, you will look at the sides of the shelves for signs that tell you where the LB section is. Then look for LB2300, and so on, until you find your book.

If you need assistance, please ask whoever is at the Information Desk, and they'll be glad to help.

Best of luck during your first year at Tarleton State!

P.S. Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest.

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