Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Global Road Warrior

Are you planning any international travel in the near future or would you like to learn more about the world? If so, then the library has a great resource for you: Global Road Warrior. It is a database that contains a wealth of information about every country on Earth. You can find it on the library's A to Z Databases List.

There are two ways to find information about a country thorough Global Road Warrior. Either select the name of the country on the alphabetical list, or select it on the interactive map.

Select a country from the list on the left or the map on the right. 
After you choose a country you will then be provided with a wide range of information about it: geography, history, culture, demographics, maps, etc.

If you are planning to travel to the country, then you must check out the Travel Essentials section. It provides valuable information such as: visa requirements, products you are allowed or not allowed to bring into the country, recommended immunizations, etc.

Visa and Passport requirements for travel to India. 

The library has other databases that are also helpful resources for travel such as:
  • A to Z Maps - provides detailed maps of every US state and most countries of the world. 
  • Mango Languages - provides interactive tutorials for 72 languages. 

If you have any questions about Global Road Warrior then email reference@tarleton.edu or call 254-968-9249. 

Click here to find information about study abroad opportunities provided by Tarleton State University. 

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