Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mango: It’s More Than a Fruit

With winter break approaching you may be thinking about what to do with some free time. You could binge watch that series you have been meaning to watch or you could learn a foreign language.

One of the databases at the the library is Mango Languages. It is web based and there is an app so you can take it with you and it is free. In addition, you can use it anytime or place where you have an internet connection. Mango features 72 different languages including American Sign Language, Pirate, and Shakespeare English.

Several of the languages feature individual courses in conversation, travel, medical or business language skills. The lessons consist of a native speaker saying a phrase with the phrase written in the language. I did not notice an ability to learn how to read the language, but that may come by learning to recognize various words from the lesson.

До свидания



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