Thursday, April 17, 2014

Digital Public Library of America

We told you a couple of months ago that the Tarleton Grassburrs are now online, through the Portal to Texas History. Did you know, though, that because they are in the Portal to Texas History, they are also included in the Digital Public Library of America? You can find them in the DPLA using this search link.*
Screenshot of DPLA Homepage 4/17/2014

The DPLA is a nationwide digital library that partners with regional digital libraries, such as the Portal to Texas History, and institutions like the New York Public Library and the Smithsonian to bring you content from all over the country in one place. You can search by date, keyword or by place. As you can see below, there are many items from the Stephenville area in the DPLA!

So, get out there and explore the DPLA!  You might find the perfect picture, newspaper article, book or other primary source for your research, or discover something completely new about your home town.

*Updated 4/18/2014 to add direct link to Grassburrs.

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