Monday, November 4, 2013

Motivational Monday

Yesterday evening, I overheard a student proclaim she needed to write a three page paper on motivation that was due today. I told her "procrastination is a motivator in and of itself"(this doesn't mean I think anyone should procrastinate in order to motivate themselves to do school work); this got me to thinking, what truly motivates college/university students to succeed in school? Motivation can come from anywhere, anyone, or anything. My motivation typically comes from a desire to do better and have more in life. What motivates you?

Check out these books in the library on motivation, achievement, and success in college:

  1. 9 things successful people do differently
  2. Execution: the discipline of getting things done 
  3. The little book of coaching: motivating people to be winners
  4. A theory of achievement motivation
  5. The achieving society
  6. Self-theories: their role in motivation, personality, and development
  7. Motivating Students
  8. Giftedness, conflict, and underachievement
  9. Achieving educational excellence: using behavioral strategies
  10. Execution: the discipline of getting things done
To find these resources and more, you can Ask A Librarian or call (254)968-9249.

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