Monday, July 22, 2013

Tarleton Library Gives Recognition Through Pinterest

Did you know that several of our Tarleton community are published writers? Did you know that we even have some talented artists among our crew? In order to show off the talents of our community, the library created a special board on Pinterest: Purple Pen - Writing & Art.

The Purple Pen not only showcases the Tarleton community but also provides links to those resources that we may have available in the library through our Discovery@Tarleton tool. Take some time to checkout the board and possibly some books.

There are many faculty, students, and staff that have worked hard to create these pieces of literature and artwork. The Library wanted them to know that we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Do you know of any faculty, staff, or student that has been published or has had artwork displayed?  Please leave their name and title of work (book, article, and/or artwork), and we will gladly give them the recognition they deserve.

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