Friday, June 7, 2013

Outdoor Recreation and the Library

Summer is always a great time to go camping, fishing, swimming, or enjoy other outdoor recreation. This summer, Rec Sports will be hosting several Outdoor Pursuits as well as outdoor recreational activities. You can also climb the rock wall and enjoy free sessions of Group X, in the Rec Center, during the summer.
What do Rec Sports and the Library have in common you may be thinking? It's important to exercise both your body and mind! The library and Rec Sports can both provide the tools to a successful workout. Stop by the library to see what resources are available on outdoor recreation and pick up a brochure/pamphlet on Rec Sports activities.
Need assistance?
Feel free to ask at either reference desk, call 254-968-9249, or Ask a Librarian.
We always look forward to helping you with your needs. 

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