Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Use Testing & Education Reference Center

Testing and Education Reference Center database, located on the library's A-Z Database list, is a tool that can be used by all: high school seniors, incoming freshmen, undergraduates, graduates, and even professors. It can help you prepare for your future in each stage of your life.

  1. CLEP Test~  Provides a complete subject review and 2 practice tests for the 5 CLEP general subject tests. The CLEP gives students the chance to earn college-level credits through a series of exams.
  2. TOEFL~ Gives students the opportunity to test their English language skills through reading, writing, listening and in some cases speaking.
  3. GRE Prep~ You'll get subject reviews, along with test-taking tips and strategies, and also have the chance to practice your skills and diagnose your strengths and weaknesses by taking nine practice tests.
  4. Graduate Program Search~ Search for the Graduate Program that's right for you. Programs can be found in England, Russia, or even Nova Scotia.
  5. Scholarship Search~ With this search, you can find private awards and grants to help cut college costs as an Undergraduate or Graduate.
  6. Military Test Prep~ Prepares students for entrance into the Armed Forces with practice entrance exams such as the ASVAB.
  7. Resume Builder~ Helps students build a resume for a future career.
  8. Career Assessment~ Find the career that fits you best.
  9. Virtual Career Library~ These modules will help you search for jobs, prepare for an interview, and even learn how to negotiate job conditions, to say the least. 
  10. Current Articles for Careers, Schools, etc.~ You can find current resources and articles for not only careers, but also universities and graduate programs.
TERC can help you do so much more than what is listed above. Take the time to thoroughly look over the database to find the tools you are looking for. It's your future, be prepared.

If you need assistance call the Information desk at (254) 968-9249 or email us at reference@tarleton.edu.

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