Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cause for Revolt

The Declaration of November 7, 1835 or as it is otherwise known, The Declaration of Causes adopted by the Consultation at San Felipe was a declaration of reasons for taking up arms against Mexico prior to the Texas Declaration of Independence. The war had already begun with Mexican forces marching on San Antonio. The document explained Texas actions and made it clear to Federalists in Mexico that Texas desired only to preserve the Mexican constitution of 1824. The Declaration had eight points. First that Texas had taken up arms in defense of their rights and liberties and the republican principles of the Constitution of 1824. Second, Santa Anna's actions meant that the government of Mexico was no longer considered legal by Texas and therefore Texas was no longer bound by agreement made at the time Texas was settled. Also as long as Centralist forces were in Texas they would be attacked. In addition Texas had the right to establish an independent government, Texas was responsible for the debts of her armies and pledged to pay these debts. The last point was that Texas would reward with land and citizenship those who aided her in this fight. This last point would aid in the settlement of Texas, as the longer one fought for Texas the more land you would receive. Pictured is a image of Lorenzo de Zavala's copy of the declaration in Spanish. The document was printed in English and Spanish. The Handbook of Texas Online has more information at
The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has a translation at

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