Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prezi: Tips & Guides for Great Presentations

Have you noticed that other people really do want to hear about things you know?  Or, that more classes and groups want their members to give presentations and share information?  If so, it can be reassuring to know that user-friendly tools are available that make creating presentations easier.

One tool that's often used to create presentations is Prezi, an online zooming presentation tool.  Since I'd been thinking about a couple of presentations that I could use Prezi to create, I started looking for some useful instructions to reduce my learning curve.

Here's a short list of the tips I found:
Using these tips, I think I'll finally be able to create those presentations I've been thinking about.  How about you? 

FYI: The library has a practice presentation room on the lower level.  It can be reserved at the Circulation desk.  Learn more from this previous L@L blog post.

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