Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Tarleton - 75 Years Ago

The 1936 Grassburr photos above show the Tarleton campus in 1935/36, and students having some fun in the snow! Just imagine the campus scene in the wintertime with leafless trees and brown grass! That's what Christmastime in 1935 would have looked like on campus!

"A J-TAC reporter visited the workshop of Santa Claus last week. Being in a talkative mood, Santa revealed the fact that a number of the Tarleton students have communicated with him in some way and that most of them have been rather unselfish in their orders. The Dump girls want a carload of bathtub stoppers, the library force wants a radio, the Fort boys want bigger and better firecrackers. Santa also stated that he was not distributing dolls this year, due to Miss Lillard's advance order." (J-TAC, December 14, 1935)

Here are some letters to Santa from the December 1935 J-TACs:

Dear Santa Claus,
Please bring me an influence on the faculty like Edwin Dyess has and a set of beautiful red curls. I have studied hard and have been a good boy.
Ray Beidleman

Dear Santa,
Please be kind to my public and help me not to disappoint them. All I ask for myself is a football.
Joe Little

Dear Santa,
Please bring me a job in the library like a certain Mr. Elliott has.
Mr. Scoates

Dear Santa,
I am a little girl with black hair. Mother says I have been a good girl. Please bring me a basketball season that I can enjoy as much as I did the football season.

Dear Santa,
Please bring me more extra time so that I can spend it with a certain little brunette with an olive complexion - better known as "hot lips".
Love to Santa,
Joe Emerson

What nostalgia! Well, whatever you wish, may all your hopes and wishes come true! Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

We'll see you in 2011!

Grassburr, 1936.
J-TAC, December 14, 1935.
J-TAC, December 21, 1935.

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