Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

"A Letter May Give Someone Pleasure; Play Santa for Some Unfortunate Child"

Christmas at Tarleton 75 years ago...Lyndsay Phillips, feature editor of the 1935/36 J-TAC, and the 1935/36 J-TAC staff are shown above. Lyndsay's December 14, 1935 article stated: "With the rapid approach of Christmas, gift planning and buying has greatly increased. Among your old classmates and friends of childhood are ones who have picked you for an example. In making this a good Christmas, why not write a personal letter to those old friends and tell them how much you appreciate their interest in you? These friends may be younger, older, or even friends of your grandmother who like to take you for an example! A letter would do these persons a great deal of good and make a better gift than you cuold possibly otherwise give, so why not try to write one?"

Lindsay also stated that there are many others to be remembered, especially kids who cannot afford toys or clothes. "Somewhere you have old clothes which are no good to you and old toys you will never use which would be the pride and joy of some kid or grown-up who otherwise would get nothing. Why not play Santa Claus to at least one or two of these?"

Even 75 years ago the Tarleton family was cognizant of helping others at Christmastime! Today many of our faculty, staff, and students contribute to the Angel Tree. Because of their generosity all of the angels were adopted and as a result many local families will have a nice Christmas!

Way to go Tarleton!

Grassburr, 1936.
J-TAC, December 14, 1935

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