Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Aerial View of Campus in 1956

"Bulldozer Levels Parking Lot Area" and "Work Starts on New Sidewalks" were headlines from the September 18, 1951 J-TAC! "A bulldozer is leveling a parking lot area in rear of the science building and the new agriculture building". The lot, which accommodated 88 cars, was gravel with concrete curbs and gutters. Quisle construction Company of Fort Worth built the lot at a cost of $7, 927. It is the same lot we still use today, but now it is paved!

The new 1951 sidewalk was 8 feet wide and ran from Cain to Lillian Street, alongside the new wing of the science building and in front of the new agriculture building. One of three new sidewalks, another was built in front of the science building, and the third connected the new agriculture building with the swimming pool and new physical education building for women!. The three sidewalk projects, also by Quisle Construction Company, cost $8,848.25!

All the new sidewalks and the new parking lot can be seen in the 1956 aerial photo above! See if you can find them! One sidewalk goes in front of the library! (Hint: from Ag building to "new" women's gym and swimming pool!)

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