Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Miss Margaret Bierschwale

"Miss Margaret Bierschwale, head librarian, has returned to Tarleton after spending a year of graduate study in English at New York's Columbia University, completing her residence for her Ph.D." She studied Elizabethan drama with Professor F.S. Boas of London, and it was one of the most inspiring courses she ever had. Not only did she enjoy her coursework, but the privilege of being in New York meant just as much to her because of the music, art, drama, libraries, exhibits, and other entertainment. (J-TAC, September 29, 1936)

The 1939 photo above shows Miss Bierschwale, in the center between G. O. Ferguson and Dean J. Thomas Davis, in front of the library circulation counter given by the 1939 graduating class. Also in the photo, second from left, is the senior class president and our namesake Dick Smith!

Miss Bierschwale also had an interest in Texas history. The same J-TAC states that "Tarleton's library holds valuable and rare volumes on Texas history". Some of the books on Texas history mentioned in the 1936 article were Narrative of the Texas Santa Fe Expedition, Evolution of a State, John C. Reid's Tramps, and Big Foot Wallace.

One of our recent benefactors, Dr. C. Richard King, who donated his vast collection of Texas history books to us, stated many times that Miss Bierschwale influenced him to collect quality Texas history books! And that he did! Dr. King donated several hundred books about Texas to our library!

We hope that we have a positive influence on you throughout your life, as Miss Bierschwale did on Dr. King!

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