Monday, April 6, 2009

Want to be serious or silly?

Do you wonder about the veracity of 'truths' that journalists rush to tell us? How do they KNOW this is truth? Says who? To determine fact from fiction, science has developed a system of observation and investigation, and you too can be a scientist, or at least you can be a more critical consumer of science news.

A website that educates the reader on the scientific method is from Exploratorium, the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception. To help the reader understand the scientific method, Exploratorium folks have developed a project which uses case studies to examine how scientists construct a functional understanding of the world by gathering, assessing, and making use of scientific evidence. Here's your starting place How Do We Know What We Know. Look particularly at the sections 'How Science Works' and 'Can You Believe It' to understand the principles.

On the other hand, it is nearly Easter, and the Chicago Tribune has an annual contest of creating stuff from those marshmallow peeps, Fun with Peeps!

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