Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The State Fair of Texas has a Library

Visitors to the State Fair of Texas may anticipate eating a Fletcher's Corny Dog or snapping a selfie with Big Tex, but they probably never think of a library here.

Selfie with Big Tex

But there is one, right in the Hall of State!

Hall of State
Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0

The G.B. Dealey Library is an Historic Library run by the Dallas Historical Society focusing on the history of Dallas, Dallas County, and of the State of Texas.

Holdings of this library include documents, photographs, artifact, and books dealing with historical events of the city of Dallas and Dallas County as well as Texas history.  The economic, social, and political history is the focus of the collection.

Research help is available from librarians by email, telephone, or written correspondence, but is limited to 15 minutes.  Extensive research may be done for a fee.  Researchers may visit in person for free, but appointments are required.

You never know where you may find a hidden library, so keep a sharp look-out.  You may just find one at the State Fair of Texas!

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