Sunday, October 9, 2016

Student Success Tips

Student Success Week is October 10th-October 14th. Below are a few tips that you may find useful.

1. Make Connections & Get involved
The people you meet while in college can be a huge impact on your future. Get to know your professors, organization leaders, or any other influential people in your life on a professional level. That way, if they allow you to use them as a reference for a future career opportunity, they will know you on a deeper level than just another face and can give real life examples of how you are a hard worker.
Speaking of using your connections as references, always ask permission. Never assume they will be okay with getting an unexpected phone call about you. Giving them a heads up will allow them a chance to think back and write down things about you that stood out to them.

2. Go to Class & Participate
While this may seem like a given, you would be surprised how many people have to learn this one the hard way. Some professors may give tips or even answers to an upcoming test during class. Participating in class discussions gives you chance to practice material you are studying and helps you apply it better once you have had a conversation about that topic matter.

3. Get a Calendar/Planner & Use it
Time management in college is so important and done correctly it is setting you up for success for the rest of your life. Between taking 12 credit hours, being involved in organizations, going to tutoring sessions, and having a part time job, it is so easy to forget that the 10 page paper that you had all month to complete is due tomorrow. A calendar can help keep you organized and decrease stress by letting yourself have more control.

4.  Challenge yourself-- & Prepare to be Challenged.
College is no doubt an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming and come with a lot of changes. However, one of the ways we grow as an individual is by learning new information and accepting change as a process that helps you grow into a stronger person. Meeting and talking to new people, or joining new groups is scary. But, in the end you will be glad that you took that step out of your comfort zone
Also, you will be meeting many different people with many different view points. Remember to keep an open mind, it is completely normal to have opposing views on a subject matter, and hopefully someone will walk away thinking about a topic in a new light. Almost any topic can be discussed in a calm and educated manner, just remember to be respectful to the other person's opinions and beliefs.


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