Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BookTubers: The "Librarians" of YouTube

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE YOUTUBE. I watch YouTube like it's T.V. and I am not picky about what I watch. YouTube is not only a great informational video based website, it is also a social media hub. YouTube caters to the many interests I have and connects me with other people who have the same. I am introduced to more new things on YouTube than any other website I visit. One topic I am always searching YouTube for is books. While there are many channels to choose from, here are just a few of my favorites. I have also linked an article talking about the Top 5 BookTubers.


BooksAndQuills -

                This is a girl from overseas who is a lover of all books. However I like her for her love of Young Adult. She is always introducing me to books I haven't heard of yet. She also keeps me in the loop about any books being made into movies.


VlogBrothers -


                I got into VlogBrothers when the hype for Fault in Our Stars started. I had seen them before on YouTube, but had never really watched many of their videos. When the movie was being filmed, I often visited their page to see behind the scenes of the movie and found that John Greene is hilarious and it's nice to see this personal side of an author I really like.

(These next two I have only watched a few videos, but I really liked what I saw and received this recommendation from BooksAndQuills)


TheReadables -

                She talks about lots of different genres, but she also talks about Manga. For anyone who is interested in Manga I would definitely check her out!

Spiffinglycino -

                This cute British girl has such enthusiasm for books and I love it! She talks about books hauls but she always has something different to show her viewers.

Hope you go check out these channels and let me know if you come across other great BookTubers!



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