Friday, July 25, 2014

New Collaboration Tables!

The collaboration tables in the library have multiplied! We now have four collaboration table booths, and two collaboration table rooms in the new library learning commons, as well as our original collaboration table on the lower level. These tables and rooms are great for working on group papers or projects, researching together or group exam review. Everyone can share their own screens, and see the large screen monitor. No more huddling around a lab computer or someone's laptop!

All the collaboration tables are equipped with a large screen TV monitor, an on board computer, wireless keyboard and mouse and connectors for four other devices. Just push the button on the cord to display that device. Pro tip: If you are using the on board computer along with other connected devices, disconnect the other devices to return to viewing the on board computer. The connectors are all HDMI or VGA, but if you need a different kind of connector, ask at the circulation desk. We have connectors for iPads, tablets, and many other devices available for check out.

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