Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Job and Career Accelerator Database

To go along with the job fair on campus today I thought I would give a spotlight to the library's Job and Career Accelerator database.  Under the Guidance tab at the top you can find information on filling out an application, creating resumes and cover letters, interviewing, finding education and training, finding the right career for you, and searching for a job or internship.

If you click on the yellow Start button in the middle of the page it will take you to your dashboard or you can use the Occupation Matcher.  To use these features you will need to register.  Registering is free.  After you register you can explore occupations, search for jobs and internships, and create cover letters and resumes. 

Your dashboard is made up of tasks, saved resumes, letters, and jobs, your occupation matches, and your tests and tutorials.  You can search for jobs straight from your dashboard searching by job title, skills, or company.  The results can be narrowed down by location.

The occupation matcher will ask you several questions and will break down your answers into six different interest categories.  These categories are realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional.  At the bottom there are tabs to Start Over and to View the Matches. If you choose to view the matches it will take you to a list of primary and secondary matches.  You can click on one of these and it will take you to an occupation card that includes information about that occupation including wages, skills and knowledge you will need, tools and technology, education and training needed, and web resources.  You can view related occupations, search for jobs, and it will also give you recommended occupation practice tests and skills improvement.  The occupation cards can be saved to your dashboard.

For other resources you can choose the Other Centers tab at the top of the Job & Career Accelerator homepage and choose the Learning Express Library, Adult Learning Center, Career Center, High School Equivalency Center, College Preparation Center, Spanish Resource Center, College Center, School Center, or the Computer Skills Center.  All of these can also be found on the library's database page by choosing the Learning Express Library database.

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