Monday, March 24, 2014

How to create a hanging indent in Word 2010

Both MLA and APA citation styles require a hanging indent--that is, the indentation of all lines, except the first, in your citation. 

Here's how to create hanging indents for your Works Cited or Reference page.

1. Open your Word 2010 document (it should default to the Home tab).
2.  Highlight the text you'd like to convert.
4.  Click the small arrow next to Paragraph (click on picture for larger view).
5.  The Paragraph box should default to Indents and Spacing.
Underneath the Special section, click on the drop down menu.
6.  Select Hanging.

Under the Home tab in Word 2010, click on the Paragraph arrow.
Under Indents and Spacing click the Special drop down menu and select Hanging.

7.  The result should look something like the image below.

This citation has a hanging indent.

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