Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top Ten Study Tips

  1. Review class discussion and notes as soon as possible.
  2. Don't cram the night before a test. Study the materials each night and then review before the test.
  3. Study the most important information first.
  4. Take notes and write down a summary of the important information as you read through the materials.
  5. Make sure you understand the information; don’t just memorize the information.
  6. Find a quiet place to study; don’t study in bed because you could easily fall asleep.
  7. Use flashcards.
  8. Study for 30-50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break.
  9. Get plenty of sleep.
  10. Ask for help! Talk to your professor, attend departmental study sessions, study with a classmate.......COME TO THE LIBRARY!

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