Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Today is Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Today is the day that your cat gets to ask all the questions they have and you must answer them.  I looked online to see what cats have been asking other people and most of them involve selling the dog on eBay, why humans leave them alone during the day, and why they can't have treats at every meal.  My favorite was:  Cat: Nimrod says what? Human: What? Cat: Exactly.  This is what I am pretty sure my cat usually asks me.

My cat does not ask me a lot of questions because she is a cat and already knows everything.  When she asks questions they are usually one of these three:

1) What are you doing?  This is said with a raised eyebrow and a condescending look.
2)  Can I play?  She asks my daughter this when she gets her little toys out that look like so much fun.  This is also the only time that Cat does not have a condescending look.
3)  What are you going to do about that weird noise?

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For more information on cats check out the library's Discovery@Tarleton tool.

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