Thursday, January 23, 2014

Texan Card Kiosk

What happened to the library’s Texan Card Kiosk you ask?

Due to construction, the machine will not be available until the completion of our learning commons project. For more info on the project, visit our renovation page

In the meantime, students can still add money to their Texan Cards online by going to the Texan Card’s website.

For those of you needing to purchase a copy card during construction, you can now do so at the Circulation desk.  The cards cost $1.00.  That includes the $0.50 purchase of the card and the remaining $0.50 will be your card’s active balance for printing.  Cards can have additional funds added by the user through the Texan Card's website.  Select “Guest Deposit”  on the upper left of the main page and when prompted for the Student ID, type in the number printed on the back of the copy card.

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