Tuesday, October 15, 2013

#TSUMidtermMania #studentsuccess

Have you been noticing these 2 hash tags (#TSUMidtermMania #studentsuccess) being used last week and this week on twitter? Tarleton faculty and staff are working hard to help our students succeed during midterms and even finals (#TSUFinalsFrenzy). Not sure how you are doing in your classes? Don't be afraid to talk with your professors/teachers about your progress in your classes! It's important to keep in contact with your professors/teachers all during the semester and not wait until the last minute to see where you stand. Here are a few books in the library that can help you succeed...

            LB2343.32 .S79 2005 General Stacks
          LB2343.3 .U63 2005  General Stacks
            LB3060.57 .D87 2007 General Stacks
            LB3051.A597 1978  General Stacks
             LB1631 .G42 2005 General Stacks

Keep an eye out for the hash tags and don't be afraid to use them in order to get a response to questions about tests or research.

YOU CAN DO IT! #TSUMidtermMania #studentsuccess

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