Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's All About the Costume

Whether you're looking for ideas for Halloween costumes or just need help in the theater department, here are some library resources to help you along your way to designing costumes.

Cutting It in Costume: Design & Wardrobe Management [Films on Demand]

The Players: Costumes and Makeup [Films on Demand]

Costume Craftwork on a Budget: Clothing, 3-D Makeup, Wigs, Millinery & Accessories [General Stacks]

Clothing and Textile Collections in the United States : a CSA Guide [General Stacks]

Costumes, Accessories, Props, and Stage Illusions Made Easy [General Stacks]

A Pictorial History of Costume : From Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century [General Stacks]

50 Designers, 50 Costumes : Concept to Character [General Stacks]

Women's Costumes [Curriculum Collection]

Folk costumes of the world [General Stacks]

The Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes [Reference Collection]

Designing and Making Stage Costumes [General Stacks]

Kings, Queens, Knights, & Jesters : Making Medieval Costumes [Curriculum Collection]

Costumes of the Greeks and Romans [General Stacks]

Costumes of Everyday Life an Illustrated History of Working Clothes [General Stacks]

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