Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bad Tech Habits & How to Break Them

Many (most?) of our daily activities are filled with technology: phones, computers, video games, apps, tablets, software, hardware, social media, streaming videos, and so much more.

At least, it seems like most of my time (personal and professional) is spent using, seeking, enjoying, trouble-shooting, cursing, and exploring technology. So, figuring out ways to avoid having too many technological bad habits seemed like a good move.

Success = Christopher Null's recent PCWorld article, "The 21 Worst Tech Habits and How to Break Them," offers just the kind of tips I wanted about ways to avoid tech pitfalls.

My top 5 bad tech habits I plan to start fixing right away are
  • not cleaning my equipment,
  • sitting with bad posture at the computer,
  • not taking breaks,
  • not reading the FAQs, and
  • never rebooting.
Check out Null's articleHis list is informative, and the fixes he suggests are easy to do. Also, he offers good bonus tips for mending bad email habits. Enjoy and happy teching!

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Amanda (the librarian) said...

Great tips, Cathy! Texting at the table (or anytime one is also talking with someone face-to-face) is my pet peeve (but not my bad habit). My two worst habits are failing to back up data and failing to update. :)