Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dance for Art!

What would life be like without art?  We would dress without style, simply utilitarian in purpose.   What would our houses look like?  They would be drab without color or architectural interest.  We’d have no need for ornamentation or decorations.  What would we do to entertain ourselves?  We’d have no music, no paintings, no sculptures, and no dancing.  We wouldn't have concerts halls or concerts in the park.  What kind of books would we have?  Would we have only manuals and documentation?  We’d have no poems, short stories, or novels.  Our lives would be devoid of so many things that enrich our lives. 
Obviously this little girl feels the impact of art in her life!

When I found this picture of this little girl dancing in front of Irish painter, John Lavery’s (1856-1941), painting of ballerina, Anna Pavlova, I was moved.   I know that I have felt exactly the same way when viewing a particularly expressive painting, but I’ve never been brave enough to show it. To see images of other painting by John Lavery or other artists, go to Tarleton’s database Oxford Art Online.
So today let’s all dance for art!

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