Monday, October 29, 2012

Dyslexia Awareness Month

Dyslexia Awareness Month is coming to an end but those that suffer from the disease will continue with their struggles. Every person with this disorder is challenged with different things. My 11 year old daughter is dyslexic and deals with it like a champ. Sure she has her moments of throwing her hands up and wanting to give up. But we have taught her that she has to work that much harder to overcome the simplest tasks. I have learned that I must be her strongest advocate and I have learned that I shouldn’t have to apologize to her school because they now have to make provisions in her curriculum.

Recently we heard about Chromagen lens glasses that help with dyslexia, color blindness, migraines and other disorders.  We made an appointment with one of the doctors I saw on a WFAA channel 8 News segment in Plano, Tx. My husband and I sat in the waiting room hoping and praying these glasses would help her out. The doctor was amazing and came out several times after testing, re-testing and testing her again and told us that with the glasses her reading level improved by 10-12% immediately. I was so excited for her and knew we had to purchase these glasses for her.  So after they picked me up off the floor when they told us the price for the glasses we got them ordered and went home to wait for them to come in the mail.

Her new glasses came in and she loves them. They look different due to the purple lens color but she has an amazing attitude and was able to take all the questions and comments for her classmates. The glasses are helping her focus more at school, she is able to complete most of her homework on her own and she has more confidence in her work.

Below are some links to information I found helpful:

· (This is my daughter’s doctor in Plano, TX)

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