Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun and Local Runs

My blog posts generally have something to do with what I am involved with at the time. I think this is only natural and I hope the information I provide is helpful to someone.
I am currently training for a 10K. Although this is not my first time to train for a 10K or even longer event, I still need encouragement or even push (or possibly a shove) to keep me motivated.
To keep me motivated I look for interesting and fun events to register. Active.com has an amazing database for a lot of events, not just cycling and running. This is always my starting point when I want to find an event.

Upcoming events I have found:
1.    The Patriot Games Mudfest in Sanger, TX on September 22nd.

2.    DinoDash 2012 in Glen Rose, TX on October 13th.

3.    Tarleton Homecoming 5K in Stephenville, TX on October 20th.

4.    StephenvilleLions Halloween Spooktacular in Stephenville, TX on October 27th.

5.    Hot Dog Trot in Weatherford, TX on November 3rd.

6.    Tarleton Turkey Trot in Stephenville, TX on November 17th.

Other great events in 2013:

 7.    Warrior Dash in Grandview, TX on April 13, 2013

 8.    The Color Run in Dallas, TX - TBA 2013

 9.    Dublin 10-2-4K - TBA 2013

These runs are a great way to keep you on track and motivated but many of them are raising money for different organizations. The Hot Dog Trot is donating proceeds to SODA (Society for Organ Donor Awareness). The Dino Dash is donating proceeds to The Lisa Schmidt Foundation (Lisa was a former Spanish teacher for Glen Rose).  Stephenville Lions raises money for sight and hearing loss prevention and assistance. The Warrior Dash donates proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Keep moving!


Molly (Library student worker), me and Taylor (my niece) after the Warrior Dash in November 2011.


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