Thursday, September 20, 2012

Did You Know?

The library blog isn't the only way you can keep up with library news and events.

Flickr, a terrific photo-sharing site, has the latest pictures of our events.  Check out our library poker pics!  By the way, if you use Instagram, you can tag library pictures with #DSL or #DickSmithLibrary.

That's right--(a form of) poker at the library during Transition Week. Because we're awesome.

Twitter is perfect for short bursts of information.  Feel free to tweet us questions--we love to help! If you use the hash tags #Tarleton  or #DickSmithLibrary you just might get re-tweeted.

The library's Twitter page.

Our Facebook account is the place to go for a little bit of everything--news, pictures, and more. "Like" us to stay in the know.

The library's Facebook page.

Check in at the library 10 times on Foursquare and get a free flash drive. You can also find out when your friends are here so you can meet up.
The library on Foursquare.

Are you interested in learning more about social media? Why not stop by the library the next time the Texas Social Media Research Institute (based here at Tarleton) has a Lessons @ Lunch session?

You can also search for social media articles or browse the library's collection of books and e-books on social media.

A Discovery or database search on the words "social media."

See you online!

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