Monday, June 25, 2012

Streaming Video Trial Databases

The Dick Smith Library currently has a rather large audiovisual collection downstairs.  However, we expect it will be shrinking in the future, as the university discontinues classroom support for out-of-date formats, and the equipment to use them becomes less available and harder to maintain.

Therefore, the library is conducting trials of four streaming video databases we're considering acquiring, and we'd appreciate your input!  Please take a look at:

Alexander Street Press Academic Video Online with 13,000 videos and expectation of 20,000 videos by end of 2013.
Ambrose Video with 1,200 video clips and full programs.
NBC Learn includes 13,000 news stories from NBC news archives.
Films on Demand with 8,000 videos and 99,000 video clips, including the Master Academic Collection, Career & Technical Education Collection, and Archival Films & Newsreels Collection.

Trial databases are available for a short time only. With the exception of the Films on Demand trial, access is limited to those using a Tarleton IP address (in other words, you can't access the trials from home).  Feedback on the usefulness of any database is appreciated.  Leave a comment below, contact Tracy Holtman, Systems Librarian, at 254-968-9466, or email at if you have questions or input concerning these databases.

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