Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do You Speak the Language of the Library?

Take this quiz to see how well you know “Library Lingo”:

       1. Objects that you place in your backpack are called
a.       books
b.      workout clothes
c.       monographs

                 2. A “stack” refers to
a.       a bookshelf
b.      a pile of pancakes
c.       the papers on your desk

        3. The term “periodical” refers to:
a.       something that happens every once in a while
b.      academic journals
c.       the action needed to punctuate the end of a sentence

               4. “Carrels” means:
a.       songs sung at Christmas time
b.      the plural of the name “Carol”
c.      desks in the library

            5. “Boolean Searching” denotes
a.      a method of scaring someone
b.      method of searching using words like “and”, “or”, and “not”
c.       a method of getting Halloween treats

               6. “ILL” stands for
a.      when you feel really SICK
b.      Interlibrary Loan
c.       International Library Literacy

  7. The “catalog” refers to
a.       a tool that lists all the resources in the library
b.      a place you look in order to select clothes to order
c.       a word that refers to a log in the shape of a cat

                8. "Subject Heading”  is
a.       an archaic term used in census-taking during the time of kingdoms
b.      the title of a paper
c.       a term or phrase used in indexes and catalogs to identify material on a given topic

                9. A “Bibliography” is a
a.       a list of citations or references to books and articles on a particular topic
b.      short summation of everything that a person did in their life
c.       booklist

       10. "Patron” refers to
a.       a mature woman
b.      a person who uses the services of the library
c.       a name combination using the names “Pat” and “Ron”
Score your quiz to see how well you did:1=c, 2=a, 3=b, 4=c, 5=b, 6=b, 7=a, 8=c, 9=a, 10=b

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