Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google Changes Its Privacy Today

In case you somehow missed it, Google has changed its privacy policy today. in place of the 60 separate policies they did have there is now one policy. In the past information Google collected was partitioned off so information from You Tube was not mingled with Gmail or Google search results. Now all that information will be linked together. Google says this is not bad because if you are doing Google searches for recipes now it will give you You Tube videos about cooking, where in the past Google was unable to do this. But what if your searches could reveal your location, health concerns, sexual orientation, or religion. you might not want all this being linked together.

There is a way to change your search settings so that past searches are deleted and search history is turned off. Google will still collect the data, but it will be for internal use only and after 18 months be partially anonymized.
Law enforcement agencies will still have access to the data. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has provided a guide to remove your Google search history at:

Of course if you are not logged in to any Google services while searching, then none of the results wouls be directly linked to your accounts.

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