Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Where do you suppose the Tarleton students shopped in the horse and buggy days? The above photo shows Higginbotham's, a long time business on the square in Stephenville! It was located where the courthouse annex is today!

The Higginbotham's back then was a lot different than the Higginbotham lumber yard that we have today! The early Higginbotham stores took care of their patrons from birth to the grave! They had clothing, hardware, lumber, furniture, and even a funeral parlor. In fact, our Higginbotham's on the square had a funeral home at the back, which was in use until the late 1960's when the Stephenville Funeral Home on the South Loop was built!

The December 1, 1936 JTAC contained a small Higginbotham's ad! It stated that "At Higginbothams you will find J.T.A.C. students welcome"!.....and that they were "featuring Reg Shoes"! Wonder what "reg shoes" were! The December 15, 1936 JTAC Higginbotham ad stated that they were having a "Christmas Sale" and that J.T.A.C. students should come to Higginbotham's to do their Christmas shopping!

Well, I think that the Stephenville Higginbotham's of today has lots of merchandise that would be on a man's wish list, and also some for a woman's wish list, but it doesn't have nearly the assortment of goods that the Stephenville Higginbotham's of 75 years ago did!

Happy shopping!

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