Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Library Time Capsule - 1956

"The heart of a college or university is its library" - words spoken by Edmon Low, librarian at Oklahoma A & M College at the dedication of Tarleton's new library on November 9, 1956! Tarleton President E.J. Howell added that the library had grown from 5,000 volumes in 1920 to 40,000 in 1956! The new building, which is incorporated in the current reference and computer area of the main floor, had a capacity for 80,000 volumes!

The November 1956 dedication ceremony was followed by the sealing of the time capsule shown above in the foyer. Student Body President Don Wilkinson and Cadet Colonel John Boyson are shown.

The time capsule above was recovered by a former Tarleton staff member and the construction crew during the 1984 renovation. Opened in 1984, the time capsule was added to and resealed in the new foyer of the library - the current foyer across from the circulation desk.

During the 2006 renovation, the 1956/1984 time capsule was opened. Rather than adding to it, a new time capsule was built to hold addition items. Both the old and the new time capsules were sealed in the library!

Do you know where the library time capsules are located and when they will be opened again?

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