Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Aerial View of Campus ca 1959-62

Still a familiar building on campus, Davis Hall is seen just behind the library in the upper right corner of the photo above! The former boy's dorm was named for Tarleton Dean (President) J. Thomas Davis.

The November 3, 1936 JTAC states that Davis Hall was named J. Thomas Davis Hall by T.O. Walton, the President of A & M College. It states that credit for growth of the college was given to Dean Davis. He was born in Heard County, Georgia, then moved to Sun Mountain, Alabama. At age 14 his family moved to Texas where he attended the rural schools in Denton County, then entered North Texas Normal in 1902.

When Dean Davis came to Tarleton in 1919 there were only 300 students, five buildings, and 11 regular teachers. Seventy five years ago, when Davis Hall was named for Dean Davis, there were about 1050 students, 20 buildings, and over 70 faculty members!

Gabe Lewis, John Tarleton Agricultural College registrar in 1936, stated that Dean Davis was a great man and one that deserved all the honors which had been bestowed upon him! Dean Davis was a member of many educational organizations, both state and national, as well as the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce and the West Texas Chamber of Commerce!

Just look at us now! Way to go Tarleton!

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