Monday, October 17, 2011

Al Capone Convicted Today in 1931

Today in 1931 the notorious gangster Al Capone was finally convicted of a crime. For years law enforcement authorities had been trying to convict Capone for crimes he either committed or were committed in his name. He was believed to be the person who ordered the Valentines Day Massacre. In 1930 he was indited on income tax evasion charges. He is attributed with saying "The income tax law is a lot of bunk. The government can't collect legal taxes from illegal money." It took the jury 9 hours to convict Capone of three felonies and two misdemeanors. He was sentenced to serve 11 years in prison and pay $80,000 in fines and court costs. A small price to pay for someone who was Public Enemy Number One. Part of Capone's time would be served in the new Alcatraz prison. For more information see this link: