Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Parent's Day at Tarleton!
This weekend is family weekend at Tarleton! Our campus will be filled with many of our students and their families! This is a long standing tradition at Tarleton. The 1926 Grassburr first mentions Parent's Day, which was held in conjunction with May Fete! This annual event went on well into the 1990's without too much change. The May Fete was discontinued and Parent's Day was moved from the spring to the fall, and became Parent's Weekend. Always a highlight of May Fete/Parent's Day/Parent's Weekend was the selection of a queen, as shown in the 1966 J-TAC above! Take a look at the old Grassburrs in the library to see how the "queen" fashions have changed over the last 75+ years!
The February 23, 1995 J-TAC reports that Rusty Jergins, Dean of Students, was working toward revamping Parent's Weekend to support a mix of gender and a balance of traditional and non-traditional age students. As a result, we have the Family Weekend as we know today. It is nice to know that Parent's/Family/Day/Weekend is such a long standing event at Tarleton!
We hope that you attend the Family Weekend activities this might even see the library staff and our Friends of the library participating! Come out and let the library staff serve you some delicious lemonade............and while you're there purchase a Tarleton Traditions book for $5 and a Friends' book bag for $4!
See you Saturday!

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Cathy W. said...

What fun! One of the students pictured is my cousin, Micki Roberson :-)