Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Tarleton Connections Abroad - 50+ years ago!

Do you suppose that Dick Smith knew and visited with 1956/57 Tarleton student Frank Blazek from Czechoslovakia! Frank is shown above with his hand on the world! You will recognize the library globe, a gift from the class of 1946-47, which is currently located in the Special Collections area on the lower level!

Dr. Dick Smith, our library namesake, spent three months in Europe during the summer of 1961, and part of the time in Czechoslovakia! It was his fourth trip to Europe! That summer, fifty years ago, Dr. Smith took a casual, off the beaten path, tour of Europe. He visited lesser traveled areas of Italy, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, and England!

In Italy, Dr. Smith had an extraordinarily good time in Bologna visiting the ancient University of Bologna, a center of legal training in the Middle Ages. He saw rare illuminated manuscripts from the 9th century in their library!

From Trieate, Italy, Dr. Smith took a four day freighter trip down the Adriatic coast to Yugoslavia's medieval town Dubrovnik. He was a guest at an educational conference with professors and students from forty different countries.

In Budapest and Prague Dr. Smith visited historical sights and famous art museums. In Vienna, he accidently met Rev. Kenneth Pope who had visited the Tarleton campus during Religious Emphasis Week several years prior!

While in the Austrian Alps, Dr. Smith stayed in a resort hotel that had been a political prison during the 15th century! During his stay in Germany he was a guest of a baroness in her medieval mansion, and visited fine arts museums and attended the opera in Munich! On Dr. Dick Smith's return home he stopped over in Paris and London!

Wow, what a trip our namesake made 50 years ago!

J-TAC, September 19, 1961.

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