Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Online Government Documents, in the library catalog

There are tons of free online government documents available, but they can sometimes be tough to hunt down (or even remember that they exist). To try to make them easier to find and use, we've started adding them to the library's catalog - we now have 6,103!

Government documents cover an amazing range of topics - education, science, agriculture, you name it. I've included a list below of some of the interesting online government documents I've come across in our catalog:
  • The docs : a graphic novel - Did you know that the government has published graphic novels? Yes, this is a full-color graphic novel produced by the Naval Health Research Center. It depicts the story of four Naval Corpsmen deployed to Iraq.
  • Biosecurity : the key to keeping your horses healthy - A brochure with bulleted tips on how to keep your horses healthy when showing them, bringing in new horses, visiting auctions or other farms, and when having visitors over to your farm. It also includes a few disinfecting tips.
  • Dealing with debt : 1992-93 bachelor's degree recipients 10 years later - This report looks at the borrowing patterns of 1992-93 bachelor's degree recipients and provides details on how many of them had paid off their loans by 2003, and how many of them were still repaying their loans, plus how much they still had left to repay.
  • Job accommodations for people with food allergy - A quick overview of some of the job accommodations that might be useful for people with food allergies.
  • Door-to-door meat sales - Consumer advice detailing how to safely buy from door-to-door meat salespeople.
  • "Free trials" aren't always free - More consumer advice, this time telling you what to look for before you sign up for that exciting-looking free trial you just spotted online or elsewhere. It also tells you who to contact if you've been wrongly charged for a "free" trial.
  • Complete guide to home canning - Everything you ever wanted to know about home canning. This explains how to can fruits and fruit products, tomatoes and tomato products, vegetables and vegetable products, fermented foods and pickled vegetables, jams and jellies, and poultry, red meats, and seafoods.
If you'd like to try searching online government documents in the library's catalog, you can do that by doing an Advanced Search for Type: Government Document, Location: Online Access.


Tracy said...

GREAT titles! So happy we started putting them into the catalog. We need to work on the 2010 titles I think - some time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info & searching tip :-)