Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best FREE Apps for iPhone

My previous cell phone contract terminates this month, and in preparation I finally caved in to "the Man" and got an Apple iPhone.

One of the best things I have discovered about smartphones is the HUGE amount of free entertainment available through the App Store. Below you will find a few of my favorite apps, as well as why they're so awesome.

"Wait!" you say, "I thought academics hated Wikipedia!" Ah, but that is not the case. The online encyclopedia has its place and useful applications. Personally, I'm a big fan of using the citations at the bottom of their articles. These are often reputable sources in their own right. Use with caution, though, as not every source is a reliable one. The mobile version is pretty standard, too, and there isn't much if any quality loss.

This is a nifty little QR code reader that has a couple of other features. In addition to reading the code, it will also read square bar codes on the back of books, on your soup can, or anywhere. Then, the app routes you to their links page with the possibility to buy the book from Amazon, eBay, etc...

Angry Birds
This is just for fun. Using the laws of physics to free the troubled avians brings a tear of joy to the frazzled working man.

Unfortunately, I can't link you to the apps directly (I don't have iTunes on my work machine), but I can link you to the app store where you can search for them yourself! Click here.


Tracy said...

AND there is a FREE iPhone app that lets you search the library catalog and renews books online! - BOOKMYNE - check it out.

Kim said...

Great post Thomas! Angry birds should be called frustatingly addictive birds!

Yvonne said...

Whenever I play Angry Birds, I'm the one who gets angry--because I'm terrible at it! :0(