Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Interesting New Books

My job involves making the library's books and resources available in the library catalog, so I'm one of the people who gets to see things before they end up on the library's shelves. For this week's Top Ten Tuesday, I decided to list 10 of the books I've cataloged recently that I think look interesting - they should be available for check out soon.
  1. Japan fashion now by Valerie Steele et al. - This book's pictures are interesting enough on their own, but the text, too, has fascinating information about Japanese fashion. 
  2. Social engineering : the art of human hacking by Christopher Hadnagy - This book is filled with social engineering examples.
  3. 100 dresses by The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Since I usually only get to flip through our new books, I like the fashion books the library gets because they tend to have gorgeous pictures. This one has full-color images of dresses from all sorts of time periods.
  4. Disaster deferred : how new science is changing our view of earthquake hazards in the Midwest by Seth Stein - What with everything that has happened and is still going on in Japan, it's not surprising this book caught my eye.
  5. The race for perfect : inside the quest to design the ultimate portable computer by Steve Hamm - Although the book's jacket says it focuses on a single product, the ThinkPad X300 laptop, the book itself seems to discuss lots of different products.
  6. The price of everything : solving the mystery of why we pay what we do by Eduardo Porter - I've read a lot of blog posts about the price of e-books versus the price of print books, so this book about prices and value looks particularly interesting to me.
  7. Amore : the story of Italian American song by Mark Rotella - The first few pages feature a short phone conversation between Frank Sinatra and Vic Damone. For some reason, that passage caught my attention when I flipped through the book.
  8. What women want : the global marketplace turns female-friendly by Paco Underhill - In general, books on consumers and consumer behavior always look interesting to me.
  9. Studying British cinema : 1999-2009 by John Fitzgerald - For something so skinny, this covers quite a few British films.
  10. Islands of privacy by Christena Nippert-Eng - The author interviewed various people about how they try to preserve their privacy.
If you'd like to see more of the library's newest resources, try the "New Books and Resources" link on the right side of the library's website. The list for February 2011 is currently available. Also, don't forget to take a look at the New Books display on the main floor of the library.

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Cathy W. said...

Oops -- hit "publish comment" too quickly the first time. I'll try again :-)

Thank you for the future reading tips!

Wish I had a shorter "to-do" list so I could read some of these books now instead of having to wait until I get more caught up.