Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Blue will be Worn by Tarleton Co-Eds
Chambray, Khaki are Popular Materials!

"With Spring approaching the co-ed's thoughts turn to new clothes" according to the February 29, 1936 J-TAC! However, the Dean of Women revealed the startling fact that blue would be the color worn by the Tarleton co-eds in the spring of '36!

...So....the blue chambray uniform was the clothing to be worn! Even though the uniforms were the same, the accessories varied a little! Black shoes and ties were worn by some, but while the shoes varied in style, the shoes and ties were the same color. Demerits might result if the shoe and tie color was mixed!

White pique was seen some, and surprisingly, anklets were worn for the first time with chambrays. The anklets were worn in colors by the majority, but in white by the seniors. Hose could also still be worn if preferred! The photo above of the choir shows the blue chambray uniform.

The gentlemen wore khaki slacks, shirts, and brown shoes. White shirts were worn on Sundays and holidays!

What a difference 75 years makes! Have a wonderful and safe spring break!

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