Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is a QR code?

You may have noticed odd-looking codes like the one above popping up in magazine pages, web pages, and catalogs over the holiday season. They are known as QR codes.

QR stands for Quick Response. You scan the code using a smart phone (or a desktop computer with a webcam, if the code is on a piece of paper) and your phone's browser will be directed to a specific URL. QR codes are often used for publicity and/or discounts.

To scan the QR code above, you will need:

1. A smart phone
2. A QR code scanning app. Here is a list of apps that are compatible with different smart phones.


1. Download a QR code scanning app. Note: This example uses an iPod Touch. Your screen may display differently.

2. Open the app on your smart phone.

3. Scan the code at the top of this entry.

4. The code should take you to the library's Facebook page.


Tracy said...

There are a couple of QR codes on displays in the library. Come see if you can find them!

Tyler said...

Nice article, 2011 is going to be the year of the QR Code. Next time you create a QR Code, use It's designed for businesses to promote their social media with QR Codes. You can also create coupons that are sharable.