Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

75 years ago...

"Television to be Demonstrated Here Monday Night

Actual Sight and Sound Program to be Given by Television Hookup!"

The February 9, 1936 J-TAC stated that a special television program, sponsored by the Architect's Club, shown in the photo above, was presented in the college auditorium. Complete broadcasting and receiving equipment was set up on the stage and sound broadcasting at its present commercial state was shown. $10, 000 worth of equipment was used in the demonstration!

The J-TAC article explained that "through television a moving picture is presented by radio or by other means, and persons miles away may be both seen and heard as if they were present"! After the demonstration anyone desiring to stay and inspect, study, or ask questions about the television apparatus was welcome! The equipment used in the demonstration is the same that was to be used during the 1936 Fat Stock Show and the Texas Centennial!

Wow! Tarleton's first experience with television! The program was expected to be unusual, highly educational, different, and entertaining! I bet those students are in awe of the technological advances we have today!