Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Dystopian Novels That the Dick Smith Library Offers

Looking to take a journey? You can find what you’re looking for at the Dick Smith Library. Here is a list of ten dystopian novels the Dick Smith Library has to offer. What is a dystopian novel you may ask? They are stories of the future with a cautionary tale, typically commenting on how we live society today and the consequences of living that way. Several of these titles can also be found on the Banned Books list. You can check out any of these books on this list; just remember to have your Tarleton I.D. or a photo I.D. with you.

Lord of the Flies- William Golding
PR 6013.035 L6 1975

Handmaid’s Tale-Margaret Atwood
PR9199.3 A8 H3165 2004

Neuromancer- William Gibson
PR3557.I2264 N48 2004

Iron Heel- Jack London
PS3523.046 I7 1957

The Running Man- Richard Bachman aka Stephen King
PS3561.I483 R8 1999

The Children of Men- P.D. James
PR6060.A467 C48 1993

The Time Machine- H.G. Wells

1984-George Orwell
PR6029.R8n5 1949

Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury
PS3503.R16F3 2003

Brave New World- Aldous Huxley
PR6015.U9B65 1950

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elcarlitoxloco said...

these sound like interesting titles! i might go check out one or two.