Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Girls' Rifle Team
Will Be Organized

75 years ago..."At the beginning of the second semester a girls' rifle team will be organized by Major Curtis Meeks, member of the 36th Division of the Texas National Guard, and ace marksman who won numerous medals for his remarkable firing at Camp Perry, Ohio, last summer. All girls who desire to learn to shoot are urged to report for the team. Matches will be held between the boys' and girls' teams as well as various others. The .22 calibre U.S. Army rifle will be used in sitting, kneeling, prone and standing positions. Major Meeks presented each member a beautiful medal. He was an excellent teacher and gave the girls an excellent chance to learn the inside tricks and details of rifle shooting!" (J-TAC, January 18, 1936)

However, the 1936 Girls' Rifle Team was not the first one to be organized at Tarleton. The top photo shows the 1923 Tarleton Girls' Rifle Team. The Grassburrs show a girls rifle team from 1923-1929. Then there was a lapse from 1930-1935. The second photo shows the 1936 Tarleton Girls' Rifle Team. But the newly organized girls rifle team was short lived and was gone by the 1937 Grassburr!

So the photos above show the first and last Tarleton Girls' Rifle Team!

Grassburr, 1923.
Grassburr, 1936.
J-TAC, January 18, 1936.

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