Friday, February 25, 2011

Create your own QR code

QR codes are codes scanned with smart phone apps. They direct users to specific web pages or online promotions.

To create your own QR code:

1. Highlight, right click and copy the URL of the desired page(Ex: "").

2. Go to Type in "" in the white URL box and you should get this screen:

3. Right click your mouse and paste your link into the box. Click "Shorten."

4. In the results section of the screen, click Details.

5. Your QR code should now be visible.

6. Take a screen shot of the QR code (instructions here) and save the image to a flash drive or your T: drive.

7. Now you can either print out the code on a piece of paper, or post it somewhere online for your friends to use. Be sure to test it out before you do so.

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