Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Good Goes Bad: 10 Most Dangerous Web Sites

I am in a funk after reading the article When Good Goes Bad. Facebook? Twitter? banking/financial sites? YOUTUBE?!!!! Owww! Why don't hackers redirect their energy and creativity to good use solving the world's many woes? Don't they want to live in a nice world, too?

To balance this negativity, I would like to direct you to the Christian Science Monitor's blog which honors 'decent...courageous..selfless' people working hard to make our world a better place at Making a Difference. However, be aware that Making a Difference is a news site, a Dangerous-type site, so consider yourself forewarned.

Let me know how you feel after reading these. I am the one in the corner, humming kumbaya and rocking my computer, because apparently that is all my computer and I can do safely.


Anonymous said...

interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy W. said...

Going to bookmark this site. It gives me hope for our species.